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Application Migration to Cloud

Application migration is the process of moving a software application from one environment to another, such as between data centres, from an on-site or remote server to a cloud provider's hosting environment, or from the public cloud to a private cloud environment.

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

There are numerous benefits of cloud migrations, both to your business and to your customers. Below are 5 key benefits which create a solid foundation for your business to deliver improved performance and innovative design in the long run.

1. Speed and Efficiency - Migrating your application to the cloud means you can deploy more quickly, increasing your business's overall efficiency. Services can be rapidly deployed, via "updates", and can be ready for users within minutes.

2. Scalability - Unexpected surge in users, or increased usage around certain times of the year? Cloud providers bill you only for the resources you use, allowing you to plan for growth.

3. Infrastructure Maintenance - By migrating to a cloud solution, your cloud provider will take care of any maintenance to infrastructure that is required, eliminating the need for you to manually push updates to computers, patch servers or provision new hardware - all of which can be expensive and time-consuming tasks.

4. Security - A major concern for businesses is the safeguarding of data - whether this be information relating to customers, financial information or key business data. Physical data centre security, together with the latest software security measures, help keep your data secure and safeguarded from unwanted breaches, keeping your application compliant with data security regulations.

5. Access - Because all your data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed no matter what happens to your physical machinery. Migrating to the cloud also means members of your organization can access necessary data and business information from anywhere in the world on any device. This opens so many opportunities for your business to grow and expand while meeting operational needs. No more snow days with thousands lost in work, your team can work productively and securely from anywhere with no downtime.

For many clients, a successful cloud migration reduces cost, improves scalability, and significantly reduces the risk of a cyber incident that could derail your business. If your business needs increased security, optimized scalability, reduced costs, smarter integrations, and greater access to business-critical functionality, you should consider a cloud migration.

How Pineapple Can Help?

We can help your organisation to plan and execute a successful migration to the cloud.

For example - We can take an application written for a Microsoft environment, such as a .NET web application (Web Forms, MVC, Web API) and SQL Server, that sits on physical servers or a virtualised environment, and make it work in Microsoft Azure. This usually involves upgrading some code, reworking SQL queries, reworking background processes and then going through the process of migrating code, migrating data, testing and ultimately launching and running it.

All our clients benefited from substantial IT costs savings, as well as improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience.

Migrations to cloud include moving any workload from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud. We will migrate workloads such as applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, or entire data centers for you.