Blockchain Development

Turning your blockchain ideas into projects

Blockchain - Proof of Concept (POC)

A Proof of Concept (POC) is used to demonstrate the feasibility and practical potential of any blockchain project in any field such as Government, Automobile, Education, Supply Chain, Energy, Communication, Insurance and Healthcare. A POC can either be a prototype without any supporting code or any MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with bare featureset. A POC is a prototype that is used for internal organization who can have a better understanding of a particular project.

Areas of Blockchain POC

Healthcare Records Management
Educational Records Management
Identity Management
Profile Management
Policies Management
Voting Trackers
Records Storage
Legal Agreements and Documents
Property Records Management

Blockchain Consultancy Services

Blockchain consultants at Pineapple - identify, evaluate and develop the products with the potential of blockchain in different businesses. We always try to address and answer a very basic yet vital question - Do we need to implement blockchain technology in a particular business?

The Pineapple Advantage

Decentralized apps may not be the present but indeed, are the future. Starting with a decentralized app does not always work as it needs a community to support it. We may address this by building a private chain, to begin with, and move it to a public chain once the community is built.

Smart Contracts can be encoded on any blockchain, but Ethereum is mostly used since it gives unlimited processing capability.

Our experts develop secure and proficient Smart Contract code to automate the execution of processes in Ethereum, Solidity and HyperLedger Fabric.