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Now more than ever, making sense of enormous quantities of rapidly changing data, visualizing and prioritizing information and holding organization accountable for specific performance metrics is essential for their success and to drive business better. Economic and regulatory pressures, along with the need to stay competitive in the marketplace, have made business intelligence more important than ever for enterprise application users. Business Intelligence gives users the ability to extract, consolidate, change, and analyze data, enabling the business users a single view of organizational data to drive decision making. Every industry across domain has varied need for analytics and data management and hence we at Pineapple have come up with Custom Business Intelligence Solutions

With Pineapple's Custom Business Intelligence Solution you will be able to :

 • Gain deeper business insights using advanced analytics
 • Understand real-time business trends and act proactively
 • Manage Key Performance Indicators centrally for scalability
 • Have a "Single Source of Truth" with integrated data repository
 • Efficient, quick and easy reporting capability with secure access

As companies demand advanced BI and analytical solutions to enable and, in many cases, automate their decision-making, we help them leverage information as an asset. We help them make more informed, strategic business decisions for the Future of Work-decisions that can boost sales, improve customer service and, ultimately, increase their market share.


Knowledge Management can transform your organization to new levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and scope of operation. It allows discovering and learning new measures, techniques, and new opportunities to grow in this competitive world. It enables a collaborative and integrated approach to the creation, capture, organization, access and use of knowledge assets of an enterprise.

With Pineapple's Knowledge Management Solution you will be able to :

 • Solve intractable or wicked problems
 • Allow you to obtain relevant insights and ideas
 • Achieve shorter new product development cycles
 • Manage intellectual capital and assets in the workforce
 • Facilitate and manage innovation and learning

Our Knowledge management solution provides you complete control of your enterprise knowledge and information through our unique and highly effective methodologies to help you be agile and respond faster to the dynamic needs of the market.


Ensuring data translates into information it is important to capture the right and related data in the best possible format. Depending on the decisions that need to be made and who is making it, these insights and information must be presented in a form that can be best utilized. Our application development enables the most appropriate presentation of insights and efficient data extraction from disparate data sources.

With Pineapple's Custom Application Development Solution you will be able to :

 • You will be able to capture the accurate data that you needs to be analysed
 • Let the customers know exactly what they want to know
 • Build an enterprise wide solution that can integrate all the business processes
 • Better transaction processing and customer management
 • Automated, fast and efficient processes with reliable delivery capabilities

Our Custom Application Development solution lets us bring a concept to reality and help you innovate new solutions for your customer base.


Web marketing is the general term for marketing done on the Internet. It's basically a computer-based version of traditional marketing objectives that involve a product, price, packaging, promotion and place. Marketing is ultimately about propelling a product or service through the proper channels and web marketing uses the Internet as that channel. Having a web presence can be very beneficial and is an integral part of any industry.

With Pineapple's Web Marketing Solution you will be able to :

 • Make yourself known to the world with the best of web-design methodology
 • Creatively and interactively present your views and ideas to your customer base
 • Use innnovative graphic designing presentations to attract new opportunities
 • Improve the visibility of your website in search engines through Search Engine Optimization

Pineapple Group's in house design studio helps you present yourself to your customer base in a very creative and innovative manner and attract new opportunities to grow. With search engine optimization techniques, we make sure your never miss out any opportunity to communicate and interact with new prospects.


To know more about our design methodologies and approach, you can download our eBrochure on the link mentioned below


Visit our contact us link for dropping in your inquiry and we will get back to you in less than 24 hrs.


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