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With the emergence of low-cost, globally distributed facilities, manufacturing operations have changed dramatically in recent years. To compete effectively, manufacturers have discovered that optimizing processes within the organization and across the supply chain is no longer an option-it's a requirement. To have effective cost saving it's absolutely necessary for them to take decisions that are precise and on time.

The experts at Pineapple have vast experience working across every segment to integrate shop floor and enterprise information systems. By transforming their operations, the manufacturers have reaped significant benefits, including cycle time reduction, higher throughput, better quality and enhanced visibility. As the global economy expands, what was once made in-house is increasingly left to strategic partners and suppliers who can be located almost anywhere-across the street, the country or the world. While this has many economic advantages, it also creates challenges in management control, visibility, and flexibility.

We offer proven solutions for Business Intelligence and data management, supply chain, planning, collaboration and execution to help you manage in the global marketplace. We help you to adopt best practices, replicate them across the organization, as well as improve data analysis and utilization. We can help you use your data in much more intelligent way converting huge chunk into an effective value that can assist you in making the most critical of decisions.


The world today is getting to a point where having yourself and your valuables insured is of utmost importance. No one can be sure of what the future has in store for you. As an Insurance company you try and come up with the new and innovative products in order serve this huge ever growing customer. You are faced up with problems like products with Extended Cycle times, utilizing existing assets and investments due to reduced TCOs, changing demands of customers and stakeholders who demand better corporate performance and the disparate legacy systems that hinder efficient system integration with multiple partners to provide smooth customer/partner self-service experience. The constant need to innovate and retain market position, enhanced self-service capability with point of sale features and a more Agile IT to meet the business needs are the need of the hour for you to compete.

Pineapple offers a dedicated and powerful combination of domain experts and techno-functional consultants who provide the right mix of experience and expertise required for building smart and innovative solutions for our insurance clients. We assist you in strategy planning, Data Migration and Integration, Business Intelligence and Performance management solutions, growth and acquisition analysis, rule and product engine configurations/customizations, pricing sophistication, automated underwriting, risk modeling and portfolio management, business transformation in the areas of claims, underwriting, distribution management, assets and offerings based services and a whole range of innovation driven practises that help your organization succeed.

With this strong IT relationship you will be able to achieve a high business value with increased business agility and flexibility, single customer view and seamless integration with various stakeholders enabling straight-through processing in claims and underwriting. Optimizing business processes and better alignment of business processes and organizational strategies through continuous process improvements, increased productivity, reduced time-to-market for the introduction of new products, better business analytics delivered faster are major features of our Business Intelligence Solutions. You will be able to get a real-time view of the supply chain and a reduced IT systems complexity and maintenance costs by leverage of existing assets and investments


The retail market has been witnessing growth far more faster in the modern day era. The number of players in the Retail chain has grown significantly resulting into a competition to acquire and retain customers. There is a need for Retail consolidation and shortening product lifecycles with constrained space and global operations. The increasing competition from newer and more aggressive store formats and the different business process have led the organizations to utilize and leverage the strength of IT to their advantage.

Pineapple offers integrated services across consulting, application development and maintenance. Our experts work in collaboration with you to build custom solutions that will address your unique challenges. We have built expertise in niche areas such as supply chain management, supplier relationship management and POS, customer relationship management and merchandizing.

The value add you get is a far more improved customer experience and the ability to make accurate product-mix forecasts and enhance supply chain efficiencies.


The logistics industry forms the backbone of the any global supply chain. Amidst the tough economic conditions and global evolution, logistics companies are striving to deliver their brand promise consistently throughout the value chain and across all stakeholder groups.

The logistics industry faces numerous challenges like increasing pressure on top line growth (due to decreasing consumer and business spending), cutting down operating costs, managing fluctuations in the supply chain, facilitating the supply chain through visibility, velocity and reliability, maximizing asset and human resource utilization, implementing effective strategies to provide a consistent brand experience to customers and minimizing the impact to the environment.

Pineapple provides flexible, reliable and efficient suite of consulting and IT enterprise solution services to help logistics companies build the capabilities required to address key challenges, improve process efficiencies, lower their total cost of ownership of IT and infrastructure, and improve quality in IT delivery. The Business Intelligence and Performance solutions could help them get a clear and precise picture of where they are and where they want to be.


The consumer goods market has been one of the major industries that has been constantly facing challenges like decline in returns on Trade Spending, demand for rapid innovation and coordinated product introduction, profit Pressure due to rising input costs, concern about Food Safety and Traceability growing demands on business value delivery from IT, appropriate retail execution models for emerging markets and increased retailer power.

Pineapple's provides a wealth of experience and high-level expertise in the Consumer Products space. The team is focused on delivering business solutions in the areas of CRM, Supply Chain Management, Retail Collaboration, Marketing and Sales Analytics, Product and Master Data Management, New Product Development and Introductions. We cater to all food and Beverage, apparel and footwear, Consumer Electronics and Household and Personal Care chains across the world.

Pineapple's Market analytics and Business intelligence solutions can help you get better in the acquiring and maintaining a strong consumer base.


Significant change in government regulations, market conditions and technology is forcing pharmaceutical and biotech companies to embrace new business models. Cost cuts, reimbursement restrictions and growing regulatory pressure can limit sales growth. Companies that don't adapt, and fast, could be seriously left behind. The rising R&D costs and dwindling product pipelines, expiration of patents, fierce competition, stringent approval systems to ensure drug safety and maintaining real-time visibility across the supply chain are the hurdles they need to cross in order to be able to achieve their mission.

Pineapple's superior business intelligence solutions, analytical KPO services, and CRM and Master data management solutions can help you cross every hurdle one at a time. Our knowledge management solutions helps in innovative R&D solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies facilitating drug discovery and bioinformatics. Our clinical KPO services cover the entire trial process including data management, biostatistics, medical writing, and regulatory services.

The business value that you gain include optimized processes, reduce costs and high productivity levels. You can reap the benefits of speedier drug discovery, faster and improved data enabled decisions, improved clinical trial efficiencies, increased productivity and improved supply chain and marketing effectiveness.


Unrelenting market pressure requires investment banks to perform at faster speeds with lower costs. New regulatory restraints add complexity and challenges. Surviving-and prospering-in these times demands excellence at every point of operation, from front, to middle, to back office, such as clearing and settlement. It also requires leveraging emerging industry standards.

With all these factor there are challenges like low margins, workflow disconnects, data redundancies, complying with mandated regulations such as Basel II and incorporating frameworks like Straight Through Processing (STP), etc. To be able to work round-the-clock in such demanding environments, investment banks have made technology an integral part of their strategic initiatives.

At Pineapple, we apply comprehensive strategies for round-the-clock, efficient management of core functions including brokerage, asset management and wealth management while managing risks and regulatory compliances. Our data management and knowledge management solutions help you get the most out of your data making your organization insightful.


Financial instruments are getting increasingly complex, transaction volumes are escalating exponentially, changing maket conditions warrant flexible reconciliations operations and reducing IT budget makes it difficult to manage a large workforce with significant overheads to process transactions at the desired service level. The increasing regulatory and security requirements, providing superior levels of customer service and managing price pressures with greater efficiency are the obstacles that hinder the success of financial institutions.

We at Pineapple strive to provide reliable and secure systems that address market changes quickly, develop profitable customer relationships and secure new opportunities to stay ahead of competition. Our comprehensive, end-to-end, domain-led business process solutions enable Financial Services institutions to focus on their core financial services competencies.

The significant business value from this partnership includes the ability to identify and realize goals like Optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk and sustained cost leadership.


For succeeding in your business and get the best of the returns on your investment, we urge you to take the next step forward and contact us for building a new and strong relationship.

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